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About Us


Irtiqa Hassan has received her Bachelors of Interior Design (BID) from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Further more she broadened her know how in the field by participating in international conferences in Middle East and Europe and meeting designers and architects around the world and collaborating with international brands to deliver exceptional design solutions..

“The field of Interior Architecture is not just my career path but my passion. By using my knowledge as an Interior Architect, skills as an artist, vision as a photographer and exposure as a frequent traveller, I want to enhance the lifestyle of the people living in Pakistan and abroad. Ultimately bringing about an evolution in the field of design.”
- Irtiqa Hassan



A timeless design is built on intangible factors such as dreams and inspiration. Truly great Architecture and Interior is not controlled by catchphrases of the times. It transcends time and space. It is about design that is modern and classic, it is about design that is exclusive and comfortable. It is about design that lasts, where function meets art in a space that is both timeless and memorable.
Our design philosophy is to tell stories through our spaces. Every space has its own character, its own personality. In order for those stories to unfold, the Architects at IHI believe in developing unique characteristics for each space through bespoke design and meticulous detail.